Monday, July 9, 2012

COMIX CLASS-storytelling!

So it looks like I was worried for nothing, those kids practically taught themselves! But not really, I did a lot of very good teaching in there. I taught them all the good swear words I know. We focussed on thumbnailing in my first class all about storytelling. I had a few exercises for the kids to help them come up with interesting things. But they do not need any help, I am SO jealous of the way they just spat out AMAZING ideas like they were chewing tobacco! One of the first things we did was an Aristocrats inspired comic, where I provided the first and last panels, and they had to come up with the meat. Most of the kids took their drawings home, and I was too flustered to take pictures while they were working, so I missed some of the best ones. I did take the ones left behind though, so have fun seeing the inner workings of these little rascals' brains. (I like the melon-tits on the second one, someone has been watching too much TV or something.)

Also, how awesome are this sister/brother team?! Both of them rockin' creepers from Minecraft! Which I only recognized because Aviv won't stop playing it, but it sure made me look cool, so I guess having a fiancĂ© addicted to sprawling computer worlds came in handy. 

Alright, so THIS WEEK is the best class! We're gonna focus on CHARACTER DESIGN, which is everyone's favourite thing to do anyway, right?? I can't wait, these kids were coming up with crazy characters already (a popsicle with a monocle, a slime shape-shifting blob from space), so I can't wait to see what they come up with when prodded a little! Remember if you want to register for THIS THURSDAY (July 12) please do the following:

Phone: 416-901-7489 E-mail:


  1. please document the popscicle with a monacle!

    1. Hopefully she brings it back this week! She also created an old lady with Red Bull wings, and chicken drumsticks for legs...