Thursday, May 13, 2010


Well guys, it's about time I tell you about TCAF (aka the best comics fest ever) (I am told, as I don't go to many).

I took one photo the entire time, here it is:

I think Dustin Harbin is doing something really mean and nasty and/or disgusting to Kate Beaton. And yes. Dustin is wearing a shirt with his own face on it. He is THAT guy.

TCAF was great. I got drunk a lot, except for one night when everyone else went Karaoke-ing and I stayed in to finish THESE:

They are a promo for a Viking Reader being published by the Univerity of Toronto Press. They asked for "cute" to offset the violence. I'm pretty sure I got it.

In other news, we caught a mouse in our stove! Well, we didn't like, catch him in our hands, I mean more like we caught him red handed. In the cookie jar, so to speak...except it was the stove. There was defecation involved, OURS OR HIS? you will never know. THE RESULT:

I cleaned all the pots and pans that were stored under the stove in the bathtub, while Vicki sees the mouse and shrieks like a girl.

She is mad because I told you she shrieked like a girl. Did I mention she did it twice?

We pulled apart the kitchen. It is only now (two days later) almost all back together. We are too afraid to clean behind the stove, BUT IT MUST BE DONE.

Thanks for reading and God Bless.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, GOD BLESS? Who the fuck am I kidding, screw you God (at least 20 of my followers just unfollowed) (who needs you).


  1. what if 20 followers didn't purposely unfollow you but were struck down by bolts of lightning as like a collateral damage sort of lesson from God about not testing his almightyness?

    thank goodness i have a lightning rod on my house.

  2. You never mentioned you were doing a Grettir comic!! *_* I had a mouse hide and poop in my stove too! I guess they like stoves. Yeah fuck 'em.

  3. I had mice at my old place. Luckily that dump burned down before I had to suffer the indignity of cleaning it.

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