Thursday, May 6, 2010

It's about time I stopped by/TCAF 2010

Hello hello my little sheepies!

I'm sorry for how stagnant the pool that is my blog (haha, blog...stagnant....b[l]og BOG get it? hhahahehehahehhehhhghhehhee) has gotten lately. I'm very busy with freelance and a day job, and I'm still learning how to handle it, and properly manage my time. Mainly I'm popping in just to remind y'all to stop by the Toronto Reference Library THIS WEEKEND for TCAF (Toronto Comic Arts Festival) and creep around my table touching your sweaty fingertips to the crisp white paper that makes up my handcrafted mini-comics! Oh, and of course those of my roommate and associate and co-conspirator and platonic life-partner Vicki Nerino

Phil McAndrew and Ryan Pequasteroid will be bunking with us. I guess that means I should take that dirty pair of underpants that's hanging off the corner of the mantle and put them in the laundry basket...

Here are some pictures for you, because in all seriousness, I'm well aware you just scroll down to look at all the pretty shapes and colours and then move on to the next blog. It's okay, I do that to all of yours.

The cover of a new comic debuting at TCAF! A collection of the weekly comics Vicki and I have been doing over HERE

Here is a pile of a few other things that will be adorning our table, Pig boy the paper doll is guarding it against thieves:

A sneak peek of some freelance work I've been doing that I probably shouldn't be showing you, shhhh.

Kate Beaton interrupted this inking session with a "hey, beer?" and I said YES AUUUGH and ran out of my house.

Also, this happened today, and I ate some of it.


  1. I'll be late, but I'll see you there!!

  2. Holy crap, that is a BIG cheeseburger! What part did you have? It seems even a sliver of each strata would fill you up like Thanksgiving dinner.

  3. Woaw... that freelance stuff looks nice already.

    Great stuff you and Vicki do. Keep having fun!