Saturday, April 17, 2010

Taking care of business. Naked business. The naked kind.

Hey there my lovely little sheepies! I am being a good girl and getting shit done. And so what if I am getting it done naked. That is my prerogative. Stop looking in my window.

First off, I made this little bitty for Hey Oscar Wilde it's Clobberin' Time. Steven is a sweet guy who took Phil and I up on our commission offer, and ended up with this:

For those lucky few of you who HAVE given me money for a commission and are like, hey, where's my art you whore? Well I am here to tell you that almost ALL of them are done and sitting in envelopes in my front hall, waiting for me to get my ass to the post office. I'M SORRY it's taken me so long! When I started taking them on, I had nothing better to do, and about 3 days later I was inundated with so many not better but more pressing things, so it's taking me much longer than expected. You should know that you paid my rent though, so keep your pants on, and keep checking your mail boxes.

On the comics front, I'm reprinting pretty much everything for TCAF. I'm all comicked out. This is the new cover for Pig Boy #1.

I suppose a lil' sneak peek at Pig Boy #2 (debuting at TCAF) is in order:


  1. Nice beardy guy <3
    More Pig Boy~~!! :D

  2. Oh, I'm nuts with end of school stuff now, but please come to my place after TCAF week. I'll cook up some meal for you and Vicki :D

  3. GEEZ!! you are THE MOST AMAZING ARTIST I'VE EVER SEEN!!!! I love your work so much. Really.
    LOVE IT.