Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Momma needs to pay off those loan sharks.

Hello there my lovely followers, how've you been? That's pretty much a rhetorical question there, but you can answer if you really want to.

Well as nice as all that is, I'm not really here for small talk. I have come to tell you that as of the moment your beady little eyes read this, I AM OPEN FOR COMMISSIONS!! YAY!! OMG!!

But wait. Guys. Wait. It gets so much better: PHIL McANDREW and I are teaming up on this venture! GO TEAM GO!

So here's those pesky rules:

For $20 usd plus $4 shipping, you get a 5x7 black and white drawing, subject matter of your choosing! The only thing I will not draw is your anime character engaging in Harry Potter slash fan-fic action (things happened the way they were supposed to, leave it alone). Pretty much anything else is fair game.\

WAIT WAIT WAIT, Phil makes a good point, I will not draw the entire cast of Lost. Do you even know how many people that is?! If you want something crazy like that, shoot me an email, we'll work that shit out.

Okay that seems like it, OH WAIT YEAH, IT GETS EVEN BETTER.

For $30 usd plus $4 shipping, you can have TWO drawings (count 'em, 2) one from me, and one from the magnificent Phil McAndrew! Guys, that's a wicked deal, you should totes mcgotes take us up on it.

Here are some examples of the style of drawing you can expect from me:

Alright, let's get the ball rolling! I have provided a convenient paypal button below for your every commissioning need! Use the drop down menu to tell me if you want one or two drawings, and use the little typey field to let me know what you want your drawing OF. If for some weird reason what you want is too long to put in that little box, shoot me an email at, and give me the low-down.

EDIT-comissions closed for now, thanks a heap folks!