Thursday, December 15, 2011

Something yummy to munch on!

Hey there Sports Fans!
I've got a big post coming up soon that should get you all riled up (fingers crossed) with some new material! But until then, here's a little goodie to tide you over.

Sometime around this time last year, I did some sample work on a story for :01. Sadly my art didn't make the cut, a little too extreme perhaps? I'm glad I got to do it though, I learned so much, busted my ass to meet deadlines, and had to draw things WAAAY out of my comfort zone. Click on the below image to see a real big picture of three sample pages (sans text, sorry dudes, I didn't write it).

It went back forth a bit, I got more information about how the editor and author(s) envisioned the main character, and drew this ast test page based on their suggestions. This page you will have seen before if you follow my blog. The girl with pigtails is the same girl from the above pages, a little dirtier, a little grimier, and modeled after my old roomie.

Designing the characters for this one was the most fun I've had in a while! I like to model characters roughly after people I know, or people I've sketched while staring out the window of a café. Also the one with the wine bottle looks just like my mom did in her 20's, completely coincidental!

This whole project really helped me consider elements I didn't previously bother with in my own work, I feel like I grew a lot as a cartoonist. What's really important to me is the vague idea you get of plot without being able to read the dialogue. Good comics have strong visual storytelling, and this is something I hope to improve even further on in the future.

Tune is later this week...or next... for another previously unposted comic about tiny little ladies that I probably should be posting at all.


  1. I can't believe they didn't like that 1st one! I love it! Great sense of movement/flow! I love your line.

  2. Oh man, I love that first one. Especially the kid with the cigarette. Gold!