Wednesday, November 30, 2011

dragging my feet until they are bloody stumps.

Or at least, that's what it feels like I'm doing. Sorry for the long absence, blog followers, but it will all soon make sense.

First off, I'm getting back to work after a bit of a hiatus. I'm sure you know how difficult that is, getting back into the swing of things is difficult, and I have so many things to do that I'm suffering from acute attention deficit issues, and when I can't concentrate on any ONE thing, sometimes I end up doing nothing at all instead. Here are what my thumbnails look like for the next series of Pig Boy comics. Finally you will know the whole Pig Boy story, as I'm sure you've been dying to learn. I have also already finished inking one of the stories. Though don't get too proud of me, each installment is only about 5 pages. Don't remember Pig Boy? You should click here then.

The reason for my recent hiatus was a tragedy that struck my boyfriend's (and therefor MY) family. His brother's wife had problems during her labour and sadly my little nephew was deprived of oxygen for too long, and was born with massive brain damage. He lived for two very wonderfully happy and horribly sad days before he was taken off life support. I think I can easily say those days and the few that followed were the most difficult of my life. I still can't imagine how little George Zimerman-Read's parents are coping at all. The bright side (because there always is one) is that I got to see a family pull so close together, and I was allowed to be part of it. I consider little George (or Kimchi, as he was called in the womb before we knew his gender and he very closely resembled a pickled cabbage) as my nephew, and Aviv's brother's and sisters-in law as mine too, after experiencing such a heartbreaking ordeal together. I wanted to post a photo of him, but it makes me too sad. I dropped off a package of cookies along with the card pictured below, to the nurses in the NICU at Sick Kids' Hospital. They were amazing people, I don't think I could thank them enough for the support they gave us while we camped out at the hospital.

I'm looking forward to the day when looking at the baby products we carry at work, or going into a toy store, or looking at new babies and preggo ladies doesn't make me sad.

And now some funny pictures from life! Aviv draws on my toes! Panties loves folk music!

I painted myself a moustache for Movember. I was facepainting for an event, and thought it was topical and funny. A little girl asked me if I was pretending to be a boy. I modeled this marvelous thing after my boyfriend's. When he doesn't wax it into curls, it's pretty wild, lookit all those little stray hairs!

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