Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Livin' on a little island

Little Island Comics just opened Sept 6th! The awesomest cutest little comic shop for kids. And me. I painted the logo (designed by the very talented Steve Manale) on the storefront window temporarily until their own (probably also awesome) sign shows up.

Some more things I've been up to lately:

Back to the old grind! I'm so busy I can barely THINK! Hopefully I'll have some fun new things to share with you soon! Also, while I'm here, I have a request! I'm finding that all I read lately is written for 12 year olds, or is George R.R. Martin. I have a hankerin' for some good old fashioned adult literature, and though I work in a bookstore, I have no idea what to read. ALSO I don't have time for actual readin', audiobooks are my poison of choice recently. Anyone have any good books with easily found audiobook components?


  1. Awesome woooork! Ever checked out any Haruki Murakami? That's my current favourite!

  2. Dresden Files is AMAZING in audiobook form ...also, they're read by sexy James Marsters (Spike from Buffy). Love your stuff!