Friday, May 13, 2011


This year I also did some TRADING CARDS! feel free to print them out and impress your friends.

Click on this here lovely picture to read my TCAF report on the Uterus Parade Press blog!

For TCAF, Vicki and I decided to raffle off some original artwork and a few comic prize packs! SAY WHAT?! Then after we got home and realized what a good deal THESE fools got we figured it wasn't fair that we didn't give the internet a chance. SO GUESS WHAT? It's RAFFLE TIME for you guys too! For just two fancy Canadian doll hairs, you get a chance to win THESE SUCKERS. Plus a secret mystery comic prize pack or two!

RAFFLE CANCELLED until further notice. Sorry folks!


  1. Wicked! I haven't gone through the whole list, but I reckon any modern soap would be improved by nipple-severing.

    Did you use any reference material (beyond Asterix) for what vikings look like? I think I want to draw a bunch myself.

  2. Ha, I didn't actually use Asterix at all for reference, in fact, I tried my best to steer clear of most modern interpretations of vikings because they aren't historically accurate (see: no horns on helmets, that never happened). I did however get sucked in by the beautiful Art of How to Train Your Dragon movie. Just good character design overall. Other than that I looked at fat people on the internet, and a bunch of historical references and images.