Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Yes, I finally did.

I mailed all but TWO of the commissions. One because I have no address, and one because it is new, and I haven't drawn it yet. So there you go, if you're waiting on a commission from me still, chances are it's on a truck, RIGHT NOW. Commissions are officially closed, but I'm always checking my email, and if I found a message from YOU in there, detailing a request, I'm sure I would respond in the positive and tell you where to send the appropriate monies.

In other news, I have some awesome photos from new york that I keep meaning to post, but I haven't. Maybe I'll get around to it, who knows?!

Check back here in the next few weeks for updates with drawings, and probably some info about gallery shows coming up and comics I'm working on and the like.

AAAAAANNND because I hate posts without pictures:


  1. Cute elephant :) You're so strong with both your coloured work & your inks, definitely an inspiration.

  2. I enjoyed your artwork, style and interesting.
    Pig Boy is a pretty cool character.
    I have a blog - Elcerdo, which in Spanish means pig.
    If you are curious, take a look, has illustrations and comics, I hope you enjoy.

  3. Nice artwork in your blog! this elephant is like the super-cute version of a Picasso creation :)

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