Friday, October 5, 2012

Black Math.

Deadly Nightshade, gouache, 5x7 in, $200

Mandrake Root, gouache, 5x17 in, $200

Wolfsbane, gouache, 5x7 in, $200

The show is up until the end of October, if you live in Toronto head on over to the Steam Whistle Brewery and take a peek. I have to say, I'm super proud of all my friends, this one is a particularly good show, the art of such high calibre, it's a little astonishing that most of us are not making a living off this stuff!

Sadly I forgot to take ANY photos at the opening. I'm a bit flakey like that. The frames these guys are in are actually pretty nice, gently roughed up by my fiancé. They are for sale, and any inquiries can be directed to my email ( When the show comes down I will probably also be offering these as prints.