Friday, January 20, 2012

Holiday cards, 2011

There's only one or two people who haven't seen this yet, so I think it's safe enough to post now!

After not having one or a few years now, I decided this year to make Christmas cards. I always seem to be so busy come November, and this year was no different, so I didn't have the time I would have liked to illustrate a card. I decided to go with a two colour block printed card to save a little time. I cut the designs out of a couple different softoleum blocks, and used THIS Speedball press to print a bajillion copies. Then I personalized each card with a message inside, practising my calligraphy skillz.

Then I couldn't find envelopes I liked enough that weren't stupid expensive, or online and wouldn't arrive in time. So I found some really giant sheets of paper at my favourite local art supply. I modified a template of another envelope I had, and cut them all out myself with an exacto knife. Then I address each one all fancy and mailed them out in small batches.

I'm hoping to do things like this more often. I do really love sending and receiving good old fashioned snail mail. I'm also growing much more confidant with calligraphy and hand lettering script, which is very good since I plan on addressing all my invitations (for the wedding) myself. Who knows, if I'm good at it, maybe I'll look into doing that sort of thing on commission!


  1. Your lettering is so stunning!!! Whoah!

  2. You are excellent at calligraphy/handlettering! It was so wonderful receiving one of these, I am CERTAIN you could make money from these (Wedding invites/cards alone?! Definitely.)