Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Super painting there, Britt!

Oh hey guys, fancy meeting you here! Well, since you're here, I might as well tell you AAAALLL about the things I've been up to this week!

It AAAAAAALLL started with this guy I made for indigo, and boy, was it a learning experience!

If you click on this little montage you'll go to a set with all images in it, so you can, like, see them all big and stuff. I'm sorry my stinky ex-roomate is in there, she insisted on visiting me, and keeping me company for the last leg of my 7am - 5pm shift.

Harry potter and Voldemort are long gone now, but because they were SO AWESOME, *wink wink* I got a lovely email from Josette at ING direct, who wanted the same treatment for her windows! They do something pretty awesome over there at ING, where they partner up with a local company and sell some merch at their café on Yonge and Shuter. The proceeds from said sales then go to a local charity. They were also holding a Kids Week full of fun activities for those little trolls that live in your houses. To help drum up sales and gawkers and bored people and the like, I did a little something like THIS:


To see all the process shots click on the above images to be gently redirected to a flickr set.

And do you know what the best part about all this is? I get to do it again!! LOTS! So get ready for a bunch more of these guys and have fun watching me make a mess of myself, and stumble through the process of painting backwards.

Thanks to Josette and everyone involved at ING for the opportunity. And also thanks to Amanda and Rachel and everyone at Indigo for the ORIGINAL opportunity to paint all day instead of working.

And I guess I should be a good business person and throw this out there: if you're located in Toronto and you want your own fancy window that you're willing to pay for, gimme a shout at britt@brittwilson.com


  1. That Harry Potter one is looking really impressive. Would have really liked to be there to see you create that out of nothing!

  2. creepy...i stumbled upon that ing place today on my way home from work. actually the only reason i went in was becuase of your painting. awesome work dudette!!

  3. Oh dude, I really like these. That Captain America head is just precious <3

  4. Amazing work! Loving the Harry Potter painting, such a shame it was temporary!