Tuesday, February 15, 2011

What you've all been waiting for.

That's it, you read me right, here's the shit, the goods. It's a little slideshow, you can go to the FLICKR SET if you don't like slideshows, but man, what do you have against slideshows? There's a little fullscreen button in the bottom righthand corner, then you can see it in all it's readable glory. I don't want to post it all here because it's fuggin' long.


  1. It's confirmed: you are absolutely the best comic artist I've ever known in real life. One day, perhaps not this day, you will be absurdly famous and you'll deserve every throbbing inch of it. (HAH)

    Made my day!
    -Ty(rel).... the blue haired one, not the barbarian

  2. Love it! Also, given your written description of your boyfriend, I would have sworn that you were dating my husband. It's a good thing you're not, 'cause I would have cut you like a dinosaur.

  3. I'm never walking on Trafalgar again.
    Thank you for increasing my carbon footprint.

  4. love it! are you going to print it for TCAF? you can totally put me down for a copy

  5. Britt, what can I say, other than I am obsessed with you!

  6. I discovered your blog 1 week ago.
    Since 1 week, I can't stop stare it over and over !
    You and your work are truly awesome !