Friday, October 22, 2010


Hey dudes, it's that time of year again! The time when I go ARGH! and pull out my hair because I forgot it was that time of year. No, that is lies, this time I am much more prepared, I did not print my comics two days before and assemble them the night before. FOLKS, CANZINE is upon us, and I have MINI COMICS. No new ones, sadly I couldn't get my ass together in time for new comics. But I have old ones printed differently, which is almost like new! oooh, and cute little signs.

In other news, I was in that monsterbation show at the pony club, and now all the paintings at the show are also on sale on ETSY! I think you should buy my piece so I don't have to find somewhere to store it.

Also, my pieces for the Steamwhistle show are up until next friday, if you live in Toronto, please check it out. And buy those too for the same reason as you should buy the other one.


  1. If I had the cash I would totally buy your pieces from the Steamwhistle show - They were FANTASTIC.

    You look so much more prepared than I am for Canzine... gah!

  2. You SO totally dominated the Mosterbation show. I did not actually SEE this show in person but your entry is horrifying, hypnotic and dangerously compelling. BRAVO!