Thursday, September 17, 2009


Vicki Nerino and I live together now, (not together together, you know, as ROOMIES) and now we have to cook for ourselves. I try to document it, although I've already missed at least one meal.

We tend towards throwing veggies in a bowl with rice and/or pasta. I have discovered I like zucchini. a. lot.


  1. Thanks, now I'm hungry. ...and Vic doesn't look to excited about eating that awesome looking food. You should email me her food from now on.

  2. Aaaaaah~ Looks so good!
    I'm a hungry hungry hippo.
    Not "together together", eh? Yeah right. ;P
    Your studio looks so nice, so inspiring, so big!

  3. Oh Britt!
    They look delicious! Are you veggies?
    Well, I was vegetarian until some days ago... but I gave up. Now I'm a kind of semi-veggie (because I love vegetarian food and I'll eat meat when there's no options).

    Right now I am trying to make something to eat. It's 3:27pm and my hubby and I didn't lunch yet. My food is horrible. ¬¬

    Please, post some recipes!