Saturday, June 27, 2009

Blog, I'd like you to meet Hermes, the Bike.

Sorry, no drawings, I've been slacking. Actually I've just been out and about all over the place. The last three days have been REALLY hectic.

If we're friends at all, you probably know I stupidly managed to get my bike stolen last week. I have no photos of it as far as I know, it was useful, but it was dreadful ugly and uncomfortable. This new one on the other hand, is SWEET! So sweet I had to drape myself all over it in unflattering ways in order to fully describe my love.

I was a bit torn between the name Hermes or Charon, but in the end Hermes just SOUNDS better.

Thanks to my cousin for helping me pick out this baby from his shop in Caledon, and for giving me a great deal too. And for not making too much fun of me when I couldn't make it back up the hill.

p.s. I found those stickers on the spokes and stuck them to my nipples. I don't know why, it seemed like the thing to do at the time

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  1. That is a beautiful beast, my friend. Beautiful. Bike theives must DIE DIE DIE!