Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Some Hourly Comic Day

First hourly comic. I missed Hourly Comic day, so Vicki and I decided to do it ourselves. I got lazy this day though, and didn't really bother. It was a boring snow day anyways.

This one was interrupted by the lockdown. The frenzy that happened once they let us out, getting to the bus, waiting and getting trapped on the busiest bus I've ever seen, kept me from doing panels for a couple hours. By the time I got home 3 hours later, I didn't bother doing any more.

Some observational drawing.

My baby. Actually my mother's, which I've stolen, and have no intention of ever giving back. I took it to school the other day, taking photos and whatnot all day, and then today I grabbed it to take a few more and noticed that the counter was WAY beyond 24 frames, and I know I don't have any rolls of 36, so I tried to wind it, and nothing I opened to back to discover there was NO FILM. That whole time there was nothing in the camera, even though it felt like there was. I haven't made a blunder like that...ever. How embarassing.


  1. This is going to be a long comment, so i have decided to number the individual comments within this comment, ok?
    1. i love how exctited you get while searching for jobs.
    2. I love blair. a TON.
    3. i am a huge fan of this walking aimlessly frame. i do that a lot also. we should do it together.
    4. I hope you're the one eating me, simply because of the sexual innuendo that may or may not go with that statement.
    5. I am sad that there was NO FILM in your (your mom's) camera. I was excited to see how dumb i looked in a couple of those shots. hell.

    and that about wraps it up.
    I'll be here all week.
    Be sure to tip your waitress.

  2. ...I LOVE your hourly comic. So FUNNY! What do you mean, you can't draw? That's nonsense. You are one of the best. Oh, and that totally looks like Rick. What a great idea! You are so talented, smart and cute? Will you marry me?
    Seriously, Britt, if I were a boy, I'm your slave. did I pose for that shot all the while there was no film? *dies from embarrassment*