Monday, January 21, 2008

sketchdump #1


  1. I LOVE YOUR TIGER!! wow i wish i was that tiger. your sketches are so much fun!
    i miss being able to steal your sketchbook and go through it every week

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  3. hey brittany.

    nimit pointed me over here to your blog!

    i... love your stuff.
    the dog comic made me laugh.
    adorable. my uncle used to have one of those dogs... they definitely did bark a lot.

    i am also really in love with that bird head you drew up there. amazing. your lines are really soft and fluid... i like the look of all your work.

    also, kudos on the man lying back on the chair. pretty sweet!

  4. the ring on your left hand, is spongebob and patrick... it's so adorable i want it!! your drawings are lovely, and your little notes are a great read too!

  5. AW! thanks Gracia! It's actually a bandaid, my parrot bit me, if I recall correctly. so you CAN have it, available at any drugstore!

  6. I didn't know you had a blog!
    I know I say this too often, but you are so talented!!

    Awww, cute Brittany, if I were a boy, I'd totally marry you.

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  8. oh i should've paid closer attention! who wears a ring right on a joint of their index finger? im going to buy those tomorrow, my spiderman ones ran out last week. haha